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Huawei Honor Play Short Review

The box we can see the logo Huawei Honor Play and inside we are presented immediately with the Honor Play.

Huawei Honor Play

Inside the box you’ve got a :

  • – SIM card ejector tool
  • – USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable
  • – The charger which does support quick charge
  • – Soft clear case

So you’re not going buy a case. You get it inside the Huawei Honor Play box.

The version you get will also have some paperwork, mine is a pre-release version, so I don’t have.

Huawei Honor Play notch

Huawei Honor Play Body

The first thing you’ll notice is this very excellent build we’ve got a metal unibody with a matte finish, looks and feels really nice.

I got the UltraViolet version, there’s also a Navy Blue version, and the Player Edition is going to come with red and black.

Huawei Honor Play Display

If you turn the device around, you’ll notice one of the key features, and that is a 6.3-inch full view display.

6.3 inches is very large, but the device doesn’t feel so big in hand, that is because Huawei Honor Play has minimal bezels with this notch at the top.

Huawei Honor Play Screen

If you don’t like the notch, that’s fine; you can switch this off with software in the settings.

What’s great is that even if you do decide to hide the notch, then you still have important information such as the time, the battery percentage, as well as notification icons all, tucked away, not distracting you from the main display.

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If you take a look around the device, on the right-hand side initially, we’ve got a power button as well as the volume rocker.

Huawei Honor Play Jack Audio

The buttons feel very clicky and premium indeed. On the left-hand side, we have the SIM card tray, and we do have space in here for a micro SD card so you can expand the storage.

Huawei Honor Play Storage

You get 64GB storage as a base, which is great. On the top, we’ve got a secondary mic, at the bottom we’ve got the speaker as well as the primary mic, a USB Type-C in port, and a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.

You’re going to be able to use all of your existing headphones with this device, and you’re not going to need a dongle or anything like that.

Huwawei Honor Play Body

Huawei Honor Play Fingerprint

Moving on around to the back, we’ve got the fingerprint scanner in the middle, and this works really well.

The fingerprint very fast, but if you don’t want to use the fingerprint scanner, that’s fine, you’ve also got a facial recognition.

Just tap, swipe, done.

To show you that the face is registered I put it away from my face and swipe up, it’s not going to unlock, as soon as I point it to my face, we are in.

Huawei Honor Play Card Slot

Huawei Honor Play Camera

Also, the back has a dual camera setup, the primary camera is 16 megapixels and then a secondary 2-megapixel camera.

Which is going to help with depth information, and you can see the logo AI camera, and it’s mean artificial intelligence built into the cameras.

Huwawei Honor Camera

With the AI scene recognition, the Huawei Honor Play is going to be able to identify 22 different objects and up to 500 different scenarios.

Using that information, it’s going to enhance your images, and you’ve also got built-in EIS, electronic image stabilization.

This does film at up to 4K, and on top of that is Pro Mode. So you’re going to be able to manually configure all of your settings to get the shot just the way you want it, and you can also shoot at raw.

Up front, we’ve got a 16-megapixel front-facing camera with Portrait Mode for your selfies, and in terms of performance, this is running the Kirin 970 processor.

Kirin 970 processor

Huawei Honor Play RAM

This is a processor that’s in some high-end phones as well so it’s great to see this processor at this price and You got four gigabytes of RAM.

So what does this all mean? Well, it means that you’re going to have a very smooth experience when using Huawei Honor Play and it’s going to be great for gaming with GPU Turbo.

GPU Turbo improves performance by up to 60% and improves battery consumption by up to 30%, so this is going to be great for your long gaming sessions.

Huawei Honor Play Battery

You have a massive 3750 mAh battery, which is going to last you all day long.

Huawei Honor Play Charger

Huawei Honor Play comes with a bunch of gaming features. You’ve got 40 gaming with Smart Shock.

This identifies 30 different scenarios while gaming including gunfire, grenade explosions, injuries, provide accurate vibration feedback.

Just like you’d have on a console, you’ve got 3D gaming sound effects using audio, and you’ve also got Game Suite mode, which gives you an uninterrupted experience, locking navigation keys and muting incoming notifications.

You’re not going to have any disturbances when you’re gaming.

Huwawei Honor Play Gaming

Huawei Honor Play Price

Now with all of these excellent features, you’re probably wondering, how much is Huawei Honor Play going to be retailing for?

Well, you might be surprised to know that this is going to be retailing here in the US for $365. That is an absolute bargain.

So you can mostly buy three of these and still have money left over compared to many of the flagship devices out there, and you have to agree that Huawei Honor Play is a very impressive package for this price.

What do you guys think of the Huawei Honor Play? Drop me a comment below and share.